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The next COMMUNITY CAFE is on Sunday 2nd April from 2-4.

***NEW*** A Snitterfield Parish Council member will be available each month at the cafe. This is a new surgery service offered by the Parish Council.

Tea, cakes and stalls. Warm welcome assured!


Chairs report

The chair reflected on the work and events undertaken during the year including the very well attended curry and film evening where Naomi Klein's 'This Changes Everything" was screened. The film was thought provoking and moving.

SACC also laid on a coach to take people to the 'Peoples Climate March' in London where a rally was held to bring pressure on all governments to agree emission cuts to green-house gases at the upcoming UN Climate Conference in Paris. The conference has been heralded as a great success setting a target of maximum average global temperature of not more than 2.5°C of pre-industrialised temperatures.

It was also noted that the Community Café, which was started earlier this year, is now becoming well utilised by members of the community with many and varied stalls.

Grant applications to the SACC community grant fund

Last year a total of £5,109.32 was granted, but only £3803.71 claimed.

This meant £1,305.61 passed to this year giving a total fund value of £6,484.94 of which £2,060.16 is ring-fenced for the Village Hall.

This year SACC have received 7 grant applications totalling £5703.68

Application 1: Forest of Hearts - 96 Trees and stakes (Requested £960 / Granted £960)

The Committee considered this an interesting application which it was keen to support. The application is well aligned with SACC's constitution and on this basis the application was granted in full.

It was noted that the project is based outside of the village centre and as such may encourage car usage. Facilities should be added to provide cycle parking. There was also some discussion about the addition of more fruit trees when Snitterfield has many fruit trees that go un-harvested. SACC would be interested in assisting with the project and would like to help raise local awareness via the Community Cafe.

Application 2: Village notice board on land opposite St James church (Requested £1432 / Granted £0)

The Committee considered the application at length and with great interest. Ultimately, we could not identify a means by which this application met with the terms of SACC's constitution to reduce the Carbon Footprint of the village. There was uncertainty and significant debate as to whether the (part recycled polystyrene) plastic notice board represented a more sustainable solution to that of a wooden board highlighting the complexity and finely balanced nature of the argument. Therefore this application was not granted.

Application 3: Village Hall Committee - Motion sensitive Toilet Lighting (Requested £475 / Granted £475)

This application will reduce the village hall energy consumption and will be applicable when the toilets are converted to a store room.

Application 4: Ragtag toddlers - Battery and fast charger (Requested £60.33 / Granted £60.33)

The Committee, having considered the application, agreed to grant in full the application which moves away from disposable to rechargeable batteries.

Application 5: Private dwelling - Domestic Secondary glazing (Requested £412.00 / Granted £227.36)

The Committee considered the application with great interest. SACC strongly support all measures in the community to improve insulation and on this basis £227.36, the cost for two of the Perspex secondary glazing panels, was granted.

Application 6: Sports Club - Solar Panel For New Club House (Requested £2250.00 / Granted £0)

The Committee, having considered the application at length, considered to be unlikely that there would be sufficiently fast progress on the new Club House that the money would be spent in this grant-year. SACC recognise that money should be set aside to support this village project and remain committed to supporting the Sports Club in building a low energy consuming building that will not burden future generations of the club with crippling energy bills as the current club does.

Application 7: Sports Club - Compostable Cups (Requested £114.35 / Granted £114.35)

The Committee, having considered the application, agreed to continue to support the Sports Club initiative to move away from plastic, use once cups to compostable cups and on this basis the application was granted in full.



£5,000 AVAILABLE for residents, community groups and businesses in the Parish of Snitterfield.

Do you want to insulate your home, install energy efficient LED lighting or have a carbon reduction project in mind?

Applications must be received by 1st October 2016

USE THE FORM HERE.Grant Form (pdf, 271 K)


COMMUNITY CAFE Cafe on 2nd October. Come down to the Village Hall between 2 and 4 for delicious cake and tea, local stallholders and a warm welcome!

Drop off point for donations for Calais Refugee Aid

  • Donations of sleeping bags always needed.

  • Tins of non perishable food (with ring pull tops) including chickpeas, beans, tomatoes, fish, lentils, vegetables.

  • Rice, nuts, dried fruit. Uht milk, tea bags, sugar. Salt and oil
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    The Peoples Climate March - London

    On the 29th November 2015, members of SACC traveled down to London to join an estimated 70,000 people on the Peoples Climate March. Similar marches took place in major cities across the globe in which the people were demanding climate justice and major action to be taken by governments ahead of the UN Climate Conference which is currently taking place in Paris.

    Despite the weather being damp and windy the event was a huge success and a great opportunity for the people to unite and demand change.


    SACC AGM 2015

    Chairs report

    The chair reflected on the work undertaken during the year including the Fete stand, the tea and cake afternoon and the visit by Natalie Bennett of the Green Party. The chair thanked everyone for their efforts during the year despite the inexplicable drop in priority that has occurred in the last 6 months from Westminster.

    Looking forward, the chair made clear that the need to decarbonise was ever more pressing and commended people to the task. The chair talked of an important few months ahead organising a public showing of the film "This Changes Everything" and organising of coaches to the London demonstration ahead of the Paris climate change negotiations in December.

    Grant applications to the SACC community grant fund

    This year SACC have received 7 grant applications totalling £19, 209.32

    Application 1: Sports Club carbon reduction initiatives (granted £809.32)

    The range of measures given in the application were considered appropriate to receive match funding and SACC supports the use of compostable cups over single-use plastic cups wherever possible.

    Application 2:Decarbonising Bellbrook Farm (granted £1,500.00)

    SACC believes that micro generation is one of the key solutions to more sustainable energy.

    Application 3: Snitterfield Stores LED Lighting (granted £300)

    SACC were pleased to receive an application from the village stores and believe that, over the longer term, there is significantly more that can be done to reduce the energy consumed by the Store by working together.

    Application 4: Dual Flush Toilets (Village Hall) (granted £0)

    SACC recognise the need to reduce water consumption but felt it was not appropriate to approve a grant covering the toilet in its entirety when the dual flush function is manifested in the cistern. In due course SACC would be delighted in assisting with the dual flush cistern part of the project.

    Application 5: Porch on village hall (granted £1000)

    The SACC committee considered the addition of a porch to the front of the village hall to be a 80 or this reason the grant offering is greater than that requested. If must be understood, however, that the porch must be designed in such a way that an 'air lock' is created between the existing front door and the door to the porch. SACC would be delighted to appoint a member to be seconded on to the team tasked with delivering the porch project.

    Application 6: Safe Routes To School (granted £300)

    The committee recognises the importance of encouraging children getting to school with using a car and that not using the car has been shown to foster positive habits on car use in later life. There was concern, however, that the link between this application and SACC's terms-of-reference was a little tenuous, hence the conclusion to match fund rather than fully fund this application.

    Application 7: Forest School Extension (Snitterfield village School) (granted £500)

    The committee considered that the issue of climate change is more actively addressed once we have understood our position as just one of many millions of different animal species that share this planet. Forest School is an ideal approach to enable our children to have this context and understanding.

    This Changes Everything & the Peoples Climate March

    It was agreed to screen the latest climate change film based on the book by Naomi Klein, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING at the village hall on Saturday 14th November.

    SACC are offering a free curry and free entrance instead asking for a donation from those attending. Tickets are available from Snitterfield sports club, Snitterfield stores or by emailing

    This is a precursor to sending a coach to London from Snitterfield for the Peoples Climate March on 29th November. The Peoples Climate March is going to be the biggest climate protest ever to take place in the UK with well over 20,000 people expected to take to the streets of London to demand bold action is taken on Climate Change the eve before the international climate change negotiations begin in Paris.

    Stratford Green Party are also sending a coach and it was agreed to use the same one to capacity and lay on extra coach space if necessary. Tickets available from

    Tickets for the event will cost £10 for adults and £5 for children. Pick up from Snitterfield outside the village Hall at 9.10am Sunday 29th November. If you have any questions or queries regarding this event, please contact Once you have your tickets please let us know you are coming on our Facebook page and be sure to share it with your friends.


    What a load of rubbish!

    SACC had a stall at the village fete in June and were responsible for the waste management at the fete. SACC provided full recycling and composting facilities and encouraged the use of compostable cups. Compostable drinks cups are made from plant starch and although they feel like plastic, they are not and are clearly marked and belong in the compostable bin.

    SACC are committed to reducing the waste sent to landfill and were delighted that, of the many bins full of waste produced at the fete, only a small carrier bag full was sent to landfill. To achieve this however did mean hand sorting through all the different waste bins, separating incorrectly placed items, which was an unpleasant task!

    SACC have tried to make depositing waste in the correct bin at the fete as easy as possible by using clear signs and pictures. On behalf of those who sort through the rubbish we would like to remind everyone to please think carefully before depositing their waste.

    Items which we repeatedly found in the wrong bin were food leftovers, blue plastic gloves and plastic sweet and crisp wrappers. Plastic gloves and sweet wrappers are not currently recyclable so should be placed in your Black bin.

    All waste food, including leftover meals, raw and cooked food, peelings and bones should go in your Green bin. If you don’t like the idea of putting food straight into your Green bin it can be put in compostable corn-starch bags available from Lakeland/eBay etc. or from SACC at 99p for a roll of 20.

    We know it’s not always easy to recycle /compost but it’s worth remembering that recycling saves serious money. Every penny spent on landfilling rubbish is a waste of public money. Using recycled materials to make new products consumes considerably less energy than using raw materials.

    Did you know you can now recycle the following items through your kerbside collection service?

    • Small Electrical and Electronic Equipment (calculators, toasters, smoke detectors, watches, phones etc.).

    • Textiles (clothes, rags, sheets, towels, curtains)

    • Household batteries (phone, power tool, household but NOT car batteries)

    Simply put the items in separate carrier bags, tie them up and place them alongside (not in) either your grey refuse bin or blue-lidded recycling bin on your normal collection day. The items must be small enough to fit in a standard-sized shopping carrier bag. Please put each material in a separate bag (e.g. one for textiles, one for batteries and one for electrical/electronic items).

    For more information about where and what you can recycle visit (


    COME AND VISIT OUR STAND AT SNITTERFIELD VILLAGE FETE ON SUNDAY 21st June 12-4. Have a go at the Treasure Map, try your hand at stuffed toy animal 'wanging', and see our recycling and LED lightbulb display.


    What can I do about Climate Change?

    1. Join the SACC Committee.

    We need help! There are many projects we would like to get going, but we are 7 busy people. We do as much as we can, and we have achieved a huge amount since we formed in 2007, but we want to do more. Climate change is with us and we all need to address it urgently to avert its worst effects. Can you spare just a little time each month? You don't need any special skills, just enthusiasm. Our meetings are lively and fun and we get things done. Come along to a meeting or contact us via our website. You will be very welcome!

    2. Ask SACC for a free energy survey of your house.

    Free impartial energy saving advice for Snitterfield residents.

    3. Change electricity supplier to one that supplies 100% renewable energy.

    It costs a little more but is by no means the most expensive. Power your home and business with clean, non-polluting electricity.

    4. Think before you spend your money.

    “Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want”

    5. Sustainable transport.

    Cutting back on air travel might mean giving up flying altogether or it might mean taking fewer flights. Around 729 million people in the world's poorest countries never fly and it will be these people who will be worst affected by climate change (an estimated 180 million will die in Sub-Saharan Africa this century if climate change goes unchecked). People from the UK fly more than almost any other nation (one in five of the world's international flights leave or land here).

    6. Recycle, re-use and avoid useless purchases.

    We throw too much away and still re-cycle too little. Large amounts of energy and water go into producing endless amounts of ‘stuff’, much of which we don’t really need or end up using. Try to get appliances and tools fixed rather than replaced – the carbon footprint of fixing things is far lower than making them from scratch. Avoid the temptation to buy useless trinkets and knick-knacks. There are limits to everything, including the ability of the planet to supply people with an endless supply of raw materials. Think sustainability.

    7. Eat less red meat and buy seasonal, local food.

    Larger ruminant animals produce large amounts of methane, which is a greenhouse gas that packs 72 times the punch of CO2 over a 20 year period. Other types of meat, such as chicken or pork produce far less emissions.

    8. Make climate conscious political decisions. If climate change is not perceived by both sides of politics as a ‘core issue’, it will inevitably be marginalised by apparently more immediate concerns.

    ‘My wife and I realized that the “substantial and sustained reductions” called for by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) had to start with us. World governments will never agree in time to coordinate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

    If anything is to change, it will have to come from individuals taking ownership of the problem themselves.’ Eric Holthaus


    Green Party Leader Visit

    The Leader of the Green Party paid a visit to the district in November 2014. Party leader for England and Wales Natalie Bennett visited Snitterfield Primary School where she discussed the importance of green thinking with youngsters from the schools eco group.

    She also called in to praise the achievements of Snitterfield Actioning Climate Change (SACC) group, which was recently crowned Energy Purchase Project of the Year at the UK community energy awards.

    That same evening the politician spoke to a crowd of more than 100 people at the Stratford Arts House. Speaking about her visit she said "In places like Stratford and Snitterfield, we need to invest in the economy we're going to have for the next three to four decades. We need investment in rural regeneration, renewable energy projects, and in energy efficiency. The Green Party strongly supports community energy projects like SACC that will insulate us from rising fossil fuel prices."

    (Images and text taken from the Stratford Observer 14/11/2014)


    SACC Annual Community Solar Grants

    2014 saw a record number of requests for money to support carbon reducing initiatives in the village. Each year, the money generated by the electric solar panels on the sports club and village hall is distributed by SACC at the September AGM. A total of £3,265 was available this year, a little higher than previously as the previous year's funding was not fully spent.

    This year, all applicants received some or all of the requested funding.

    Residential Grants

    Three individual applications - totalling £534 for low energy lighting and a smart device to divert excess electricity, produced by solar panels, to the hot water tank.

    Community Grants

    ST JAMES CHURCH - £500 toward the proposed replacement low energy lighting.

    SPORTS CLUB - £271 contribution towards carbon reducing initiatives including PIR sensors and LED light bulbs.

    SPLART - £400 for a bench made from recycled materials and a £100 contribution towards a willow tunnel.

    NURSERY - £170 for insulating underlay and a further £330 for insulating initiatives.

    RAG TAG TODDLER GROUP - Up to £50 for a sensor lighting unit.

    TELEPHONE BOX ACTION GROUP - Up to £50 for a solar powered light

    SCHOOL ECO GROUPS - £15 for rechargeable batteries

    VILLAGE HALL - Remaining funds have been set aside which could potentially be used for a project to be agreed.

    Applications for this year’s grants to be received by October 1st 2015



    Paul Brodrick, Head of Smart Grid Applications & Solutions, Siemens plc. presenting Duncan Parker, Chair of Snitterfield Actioning Climate Change with the Energy Purchase Project of the Year award.

    Snitterfield Actioning Climate Change (SACC) has won the ENERGY PURCHASE PROJECT OF THE YEAR 2014 at the UK COMMUNITY ENERGY AWARDS (

    Duncan Parker, Chair of SACC, received the award at a ceremony at Oxford town hall attended by Amber Rudd MP, the new Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

    SACC won the award for their Community Solar Programme which not only provided a discounted solar panel purchase price for participants, but also enabled Snitterfields community buildings to have free solar panel installations. The panels generate up to 92MW.Hr of renewable energy each year, and yield a significant index linked income which is available annually, in grant form, from SACC for carbon reduction projects in the parish.

    SACC, established in 2007 are a thriving voluntary community group dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of Snitterfield.

    “It was an inspiring evening, and Snitterfield Actioning Climate Change are delighted to have won an award. Winning it has invigorated our group and we will continue in our endeavours to reduce the carbon footprint of Snitterfield with renewed heart.” Duncan Parker, Chair, Snitterfield Actioning Climate Change.

    This is the second award for the group, having won the West Midlands Low Carbon Community Award in 2010.


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