We need help! There are lots of projects we would like to get going but we are a committee of 8 busy people. We do as much as we can, and we have achieved a huge amount since we formed in 2007, but we want to do more. Climate change is here to stay and we all need to address it urgently. Can you spare just a little time each month? You don't need any special skills, just enthusiasm.

Our meetings are lively and fun and we get things done. Come along to our meeting or contact us via this website. You will be very welcome!




for residents, community groups and businesses

in the Parish of Snitterfield.

Do you want to insulate your home, install energy efficient LED lighting or have a carbon reduction project in mind?

Applications must be received by 1st October 2014

USE THE FORM HERE.Grant Form (pdf, 271 K)


Exciting news

SACC has been selected as one of the three finalists for the Energy Purchase Project of the Year category of the UK Community Energy Awards. SACC entered the Snitterfield Community Solar Programme and are delighted to have made the top three. The winners will be announced over the coming weeks. 'The Awards are the first of its kind in the sector and will particularly recognise the endeavours of staff and volunteers - the unsung heroes who go the extra mile to support the work of their organisation and the communities that they serve.'


SACC have committee members on several village groups advising on sustainability and environmentally friendly measures. One of the recent achievements is with Snitterfield Sports Club who are in the process of moving to environmentally friendly janitorial supplies and recycled paper products as a result.


Dr Laurence Matthews gave a most interesting talk followed by an engaging question and answer session. A delicious curry was provided an over 50 residents attended.

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JUNE 6th 2014

Dr Laurence Matthews speaks on Climate Change
Dr Laurence Matthews speaks on Climate Change

Your chance to understand climate change.

“Nobody on this planet is going to be untouched by the impacts of climate change,” Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the IPCC. March 2014

This could be the most important evening of your life.

“Why should I do my bit, unless everyone else does too? And what about China?”

Realistic answers to these questions can be surprisingly up-beat and inspiring.

Come and hear Dr Laurence Matthews speak at Snitterfield Sports club

on Friday June 6th at 7.30pm


YES, FREE! To secure your place a £2 REFUNDABLE deposit is required when you get your ticket from the shop, sports club or ring Vikki on 01789 731348


The World Health Organisation states that 150,000 people ALREADY die every year from climate change.

UNICEFs new report shows that three-quarters of 11-16 year-olds in the UK are worried about how climate change will affect their future and wish the government would do more to tackle it.


January 2014

Warwickshire County Council has launched a new website aimed at helping householders cut their fuel bills. Below you find information you will find useful in savng money. SACC have reproduced the words exactly.

The Website will help residents cut fuel bills

A new website aimed at helping householders across Coventry and Warwickshire to save money on fuel bills by making their homes more energy efficient has been launched by Warwickshire County Council.

The site - www.energysavinghomes.org.uk - has been funded through the government’s Fuel Poverty Initiative, the council and partners such as Green Energy Networks and the Renewable Energy Technology Alliance and is to be managed by the region’s energy efficiency charity Act on Energy.

It is part of a broader £1 million Coventry and Warwickshire wide campaign to help reduce fuel poverty, particularly in rural areas.

The site includes an online calculator which suggests measures which could be installed, according to the age, type and size of property, the householder’s budget and the likely savings.

Visitors can register their details so they can return to them at a later date and add additional information.

Measures range from low cost suggestions such as lagging water tanks to longer term investments such as installing solar PV panels and biomass boilers.

It will also point users to sources of funding – such as the government’s Green Deal and grants for renewables - as offering to email contractors on their behalf for detailed quotes.

A number of real life case studies will give an idea of measures which other local people have carried out, the costs of the work and the savings achieved.

The site also contains information on community energy saving groups and contractors in the area, which offers the added bonus of keeping jobs local. Trades people are members of RETA or Act on Energy’s Installer Network and new applications are invited through the site.

Customers can rate contractors in the form of “Trip Advisor” style star ratings.

Those without internet access can contact Act on Energy by phone - 01789 842898 - to get an identical service – with the added bonus of human contact!

Act on Energy chief executive David Jullien said: “On behalf of all of the organisations involved in the project, we encourage anyone who wants to save energy to look at this new and extremely comprehensive website. You may find something you can do that improves your home, supports the local economy and saves money on your fuel bills. The site is aimed directly at householders in Warwickshire and Coventry, where you can see the benefits of energy saving improvements for some local homes and the local contractors who fitted them.”

SACC AGM 10th October 2013

Chairs report

Bring & Buy in January was well attended and raised £300

The car boot sale to sell remaining goods raised £56.61

In February cavity wall insulation and led lighting were installed at the sports club.

In May we formed a link with local business Solar Tech energy and offered audits of lighting in homes in the village which then entered a draw for free led lighting – 2 people won £100 each.

In June we had a stall at the fete – promoting LED lighting, raised £97.40 through welly wanging and treasure map. Compostable cups were in use throughout the fete. SACC managed all the recycling and waste at the fete.

In August – we started work on the launch of Government's Green Deal awareness-raising.

The Chair made comments about SACC's ongoing role and proposed that we need to take a more proactive stance in educating villagers ongoing about the importance of taking action on climate change.

Consideration of grants

£284 left from the prior year plus

£1,295 generated from the sports club

Total £1,579

In addition the village hall solar panels had generated £1,063 which would be paid into the SACC2 bank account during November 2014. This was available for the village hall management committee to spend on energy efficiency improvements at the hall for this second and final year. The village hall monies are ring fenced for the first two years post installation in line with the terms of SACC's agreement with the village hall management committee.

SACC had 4 applications for the SACC community grant monies this year.

Village hall committee grant application

The village hall management committee has recently taken over bill management from the parish council and they have found that the gas bill has increased by £1200 over last months.

In this context, they would like to apply for the following

1. A new heating management system to reduce usage of heating - £250

2. Loft installation to go on top of existing - £1170 (it was noted that we would expect to be able to get a material discount on this)

3. Replacement double glazed windows in toilet and 2 in main hall -£1380

The village hall management committee noted that they would be willing to partially fund one or more from their own limited available funds.

They asked that SACC consider providing funds outside of their own ring fenced funds.

Sports Club committee grant application.

The sports club management group asked for a grant to fund a replacement fire door which will open from both sides. At present they have a door which opens only one way and as such it is propped open when the tennis courts are in use and heat escapes.

The sports club noted on their application a number of energy saving measures they have recently carried out.

Grant applications – conclusion

1. SACC agreed to offer the sports club money for replacing another fire door – but not the one applied for given it was felt that this was a management issue (SACC had previously rejected the another application for the same purpose). It was noted that there was another door which was poorly insulated and would be better to replace. Total offer towards this £450.

2. The village hall request for £250 for the heating control system agreed.

3. We agreed to provide the remaining funds towards the insulation of the village hall. Remaining funds were £879 but we will aim to get the materials cheaper than this and offer the cost to supply.

It was generally agreed that it would be appropriate going forwards to invite people to attend our meeting to walk through their applications.

• Annual appointment the new committee and roles

Duncan was put forward for the Chair by Jenny and Mary seconded

Jenny was put forward by Vikki and Trudy seconded

Jenny put forward Ocean for Treasurer and was seconded by John

Committee members – Trudy, John, Mary agreed to stand again

Ian Spiers also agreed to join our committee and was welcomed to SACC.


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